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Ages 13+

Combat Weapons

Kali is the indigenous fighting art of the Philippines. It traces its origins back more than 1500 years. Throughout Filipino history, Kali has effectively defended the country against invaders. It has been used by citizens to solve disagreements through the use knife and machete. It has been taught to the Filipino Military, to include their elite Marine Corps Force Recon Battalion, as their Close Quarters Combat Training.

Kali is a complete combative arts system. It covers the utilization of weapons, empty hands, kicking, striking, and ground fighting. Based on the concept of the application of the “Blade”, it focuses on close quarters combat and in-fighting against multiple opponents.

Kali practitioners are known for their lightning fast movements and efficient footwork, while wielding these and other various weapons. Thus, if your goal is to know how to use weapons to protect yourself and devastate an opponent, Kali is the most efficient art to meet this need. Due to this efficiency, Kali has been taught to a variety of Special Forces units worldwide as part of their close quarters combat training.


Tuesday's & Thursday's

6:15 - 7:00pm



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