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Tactical Martial Arts provides programs for all ages

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Kapap instructor demonstrates self defen
Young sporty men practicing martial arts
Knife vs knife fight. Kapap instructor d

Krav Maga

Ages 13+

Self Defense

Learn the combatives system that is used by military and law enforcement professionals worldwide.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Fight from the Ground

Learn the art of ground combat that dominates UFC and is a core MMA system.


Ages 13+

Combat Weapons

Learn the deadly and indigenous Filipino art of blade for defense against multiple armed attackers.

The studio shot of group of kids trainin


Ages 6+

Speed & Power

Develop speed, power and flexibility while learning the discipline of Taekwondo - the most popular martial art in the world today.


Personal Protection

Ages 13+

Tactical Weapons

Learn how to safely deploy and operate multiple weapons systems for effective personal protection.


Ages 13+

Basic Training

Don't have time to become a Black Belt but still need basic self defense skills?  Attend one of our weekend Boot-camps.

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